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We Would Like to Speak With You and Develop a Plan to Reach Your Fundraising Goals.

For quite some time now, I have been receiving letters from organizations asking for donations to help their cause. I certainly believe in what they do and have supported them on many occasions with my donations.

We want to bring to your attention another way to develop funds for your organization. Yes, you can call it a fund raiser as such. We have an item that every household in America uses. You can distribute this product to them in the way of selling it or giving it to them in the form of a gift as a token of your appreciation because they sent you a donation. No, it’s not candy, or popcorn, or a tote bag. They are LED light bulbs. These are a commercial grade of A19 bulbs equivalent to the old fashion 60 watt bulb, we all used to buy. This LED will last for 25000 hours and because its 9.5 watts instead of 60 watts you save 85% of your current light bill in energy savings.

Your organization simply takes orders from your donors, collects the money, place the order with us and we ship you the product. It’s that simple. Yes, you can buy for your inventory as well, and stock the product for resale, should you choose. The profits depend on what you want to earn. It works and people are fully satisfied with the product quality, the simple administrative details and the earned profits.

We invite you to join other successful non-profit organizations that have helped their donors to save on their electric bill by donating to their cause. Call me and we can develop a program of successful partnership.

This is a National fundraiser campaign. #1 in the USA.


Led Light

LED lights are a proven technology. Because LED’s contain no filaments and no moving parts, they are much more durable than t raditional lighting products.

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