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So why choose Resource Exchange Co?

We believe every business, every building and every individual deserves the best lighting for the lowest cost available. Sustainable lighting cuts costs and saves money. Why pay 70-85% more in energy costs when it simply is NOT NECESSARY.
The main reason is our experiences in determining LED sustainable solutions. The Value of money is important to everyone. Many of our customers are industrials, commercial businesses, government or residential who require clean, cost-effective energy efficient lighting. With the turn of the economy, we understand that businesses are in need of a more cost efficient approach towards increasing their profits. Businesses cannot perform without electrical utilities. Thus, we can generate to all clients a strong favorable return on their investment and lower utility costs. We can also eliminate maintenance costs on lighting altogether.
As an authorized dealer, we offer over 500 LED superior products such as A19 light bulbs, par lights, tubes, high bays, wall washers, area lights, high power bulbs, street lights and much more. The tube products range from two feet to eight feet in length and are considered the best in the industry. Our products are DLC and UL approved so rebates apply. Warranties of up to 10 years, that’s a light rating of 87,000 hours. That’s unheard of in the lighting industry. You not only save on energy, but you virtually eliminate maintenance costs as well.
We work with you to advise you of the most ideal LED solution available for your lighting conditions. Yes, there are challenges, but our experience will overcome even the most difficult and complex situations.

Knowledge is key to success.

We offer expert solutions to the following:

Our goal is to reduce your lighting costs, and we have solutions that can yield up to 70% savings .By using existing fixtures, we can retrofit the solution and save you up to 70% of your current electricity usage and eliminate all maintenance costs. You can see the results are huge savings and a rapid return on your investment. Yes, your NEW LED lights become an asset. We also offer a financial payment plan that can place your business in a positive cash flow as a result of purchasing LED lights.
LED lights are a proven technology. Because LED’s contain no filaments and no moving parts, they are much more durable than traditional lighting products.

I guarantee it will be worth your time.

Led Light

LED lights are a proven technology. Because LED’s contain no filaments and no moving parts, they are much more durable than t raditional lighting products.

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